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A Global Challenge

An Innovative Solution


The growing inventory of historical mine sites present an ecological and community challenge.

Legacy Mine Site
Wind Farm

Over 3 billion tons of minerals will be needed to deploy the wind, solar, and geothermal power required to achieve a climate reduction target of 2°C.

Source: The World Bank

Brands, consumers, and investors are seeking biodiversity, community, and climate positive minerals.

Climate Positive Gold
Salmon Gold Stream
AN Innovative Solution

We transform these legacy sites into ecological assets while producing needed minerals.


Regeneration enables biodiversity, community, and climate positive minerals for the energy transition, green tech, and sustainable brands through remining, reprocessing, and restoration.

Our Process

Turning Legacy Sites into Environmental & Community Assets


Identify Sites

We target the growing inventory of legacy mine sites, both those in company portfolios and orphan sites where governments seek innovative approaches.

Apply Innovative Technologies & Methods

Our full value mining strategy utilizes new technologies and methods to safely remine and reprocess tailings, waste rock, and water to extract minerals and metals. We then provide these materials to support the energy transition, green tech, and sustainable brands.

Restore Biodiversity

Going beyond closure commitments and government mandates, we restore and renew biological and ecological systems such as forests, streams, and wetlands. We document our restoration progress, methods, and impact through site-based reports and by producing quantifiable biodiversity and carbon credits.
Partner with us

Be a Part of Regeneration

Donors & Investors
Regeneration offers donors and investors opportunities at the company, regional, and site level. As our projects get underway there will be opportunity for investment in new technologies.
Mining Partners & Agencies
Mining companies can invest in Regeneration, engage us at legacy sites, and support local efforts. Companies can also subscribe to our services and be a part of the Regeneration movement. Governments are encouraged to work with Regeneration to address orphan mine issues, fund innovation, and support community-based partnerships.
Innovators and Experts
We work with innovators and entrepreneurs developing new technologies for remining, reprocessing, water treatment, and restoration. Experts in a range of disciplines including geology, engineering, finance, policy and law, restoration, water, and social and cultural issues can partner with Regeneration globally and locally.
Manufacturers and Brands
Manufacturers and brands can invest in Regeneration, sponsor projects, and source minerals.
Regeneration is forming partnerships with Indigenous and other communities to create economic opportunities that build on traditional environmental and cultural knowledge.
Regeneration was created by RESOLVE.
Rio Tinto is a catalytic first investor, and site and technology partner.